CMB400 Series

CMB400 Series

Power: 400W Voltage: 160-260V/50-60Hz
Max.Head: 35 m Rate.Head: 25 m
Max.Flow: 5 m3/h Rate.Flow: 2 m3/h
Max.Suction: 8 m Outlet/Inlet: 25 mm
Protection: IP X5 Insulation: Class B
Max.RPM: 6500 r/min Liquid Temperature:0-80℃

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Product description:


Permanent magnet intelligent booster pump CBM400

Customized support:OEM, ODM

Brand Name:LIP

Model Number:CMB400

Place of Origin:Zhejiang

Application:Family Homes


Power Source:Electric

Pressure:High Pressure

Structure:Multistage Pump

Cable Length:1.2m

Outlet Size:1"x1"



innovate:Permanent magnet motor High Efficiency

innovate1:Low noise 55db≤

innovate2:Variable Speed Constant Pressure

innovate3:Pump hot water up to 80℃


innovate5:Fully automatic


Max.Suction head:8m

Continuous service:S1

Pulg:Euro plug


The pump adopts high-efficiency permanent magnet self-priming shielding motor ,100% cooper wire,,rare earth magnet steel.



It consist of permanent magnet IE4 motor,food-grade engineering plastic pump body(pump head:PPO+GF30),multiple stage centrifugal stainless steel impellers,with high precision flow sensor and pressure tank



It includes (PC+ABS)shield cover and pump base,with control panel,like pressure up button,pressure down button, power button ,pressure display,and function and fault indicator.



Variable Speed &Constant Pressure

1. The permanent magnet motor can automatically adjust the speed(CMB400;max speed is 6500 RMP,CMB750-1500:4800RMP) to match water demand,providing constant pressure to all taps.Within the pump performance range,no matter how many taps you opened, the pump will check and adjust the water pressure automatically all the time,avoid the water being flick hot and cold,large or small. Our pump can provide perfect and constant water pressure in all taps at all time,even multiple taps and shower at same time.


High Efficiency & Energy-Saving

Because it can automatically adjust the speed of motor ,it also helps reduce power consumption.The energy saving more than 30% compare with the same power of ordinary pumps.


Low Noise

2. The multiple centrifugal impellers ensure no crash,so the pump more quite and super silent, the sound level below 45dB in typical use, bring you a comfort life environment. It also thanks to water cooled motor.



Multiple protection

3. With high-precision flow sensor and good performance pressure tank,to ensure longer service life,several protective functions are incorporated.Like Over/Under voltage/current protection,Dry-running protection,No-water protection,Leakage protection,Blocking protection,Over-heating protection,Antifreeze function and so on.


Simple operation and convenient maintenance

4. The pump is friendly to our users,the working pressure and fault code can be showed on touch control panel.The operation of setting is very simple, no need more professional people debugging.


Very easy operation:After power on and the required pressure setting,water come out when you open the tap,Make your operation more easier.


Easy installation

5. With small size and compact structure,convenient transportation and easy installation.Connect the pipe with the pump ,plug in the power,touch the power button.


Wide voltage

6. With wide voltage: 160-260V can be used normally.


Self-priming function

7. The self suction pump is used for well water and pressurization.The first time to use the pump,need to add water,then don’t need to add water next time.


Water shortage restart

8. If tower model,you can set the time of restart, after 24hours,the pump will start  working ,it will automatically turn on /off according to your setting water pressure.


Good moisture resistance

9. The pump with shield cover,closed structure,the moisture-proof,water resistance is better than ordinary booster pump ,the IP class is IPX4 level.So the failure rate is lower.


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